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    These are my photos from parks I have visited (I didn't take them, they are all from Wikimedia Commons).

    This shows you how to make a simple image gallery using articles in com_content.

    In each article put a thumbnail image before a "readmore" and the full size image after it. Set the article to Show Intro Text: Hide.

    We search the whole countryside for the best association.

    We let each supplier have a page that he or she can edit. To see this in action you will need to contact the administrator so he can add you as a user in the suppliers group.

    Create one page in the Liste association category and you will be able to edit your page.

    This illustrates the use of the Edit Own permission.

    Associations politiques

    Plusieurs partis politiques participent régulièrement aux élections, il s’agit notamment:

    -    du RDPC (Rassemblement Démocratique du Peuple Camerounais) ;

    -    du SDF (Social Démocratic Front)

     -    de l’UNDP (Union Nationale pour la Démocratie et le Progrès).

    Pour nous soutenir

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